Lazy Game Dev Kidnaps Brackeys

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Recently I promoted my Lazy Game Dev product and this is one of the emails I wrote for the promotion.
A lot of people found it funny so I’m sharing it here for some entertainment.
The email starts below the line. Just FYI the coupon code is expired.

It’s the end of 2012 in Copenhagen city.

A young, insignificant game dev named Asbjørn Thirslund is hurrying home to create his first tutorial for a YT channel he just started called Brackeys.

He’s walking through the Churchill park when —

“Psst! Brackeys!”

At the sound of his name, he stops and turns…

…and sees a man in a trench coat and hat, seating on a park bench, beckoning him to sit down.

Brackeys frowns.

“And you are… ?”

“Well,” says the figure, “that doesn’t really matter – but let’s just say that where I come from, they call me…”

He pauses… and then says with a sly grin:

“Lazy Game Devolepor”

Brackeys sits down suspiciously.

“Did you just say… ‘game devolepor’? You meant ‘developer’, right?

The man chuckles.

“Sure, why not. Anyway Brackeys… I’m here to talk to you about a game dev problem.

“A … game dev problem?” says Brackeys, nervously. “Look, I just started a game dev channel on youtube, and I can’t really —”

“Not THAT kind of problem!” snaps the stranger. “My problem is more… difficult.


“Well,” explains the man, “the thing is, I have somewhat of a good track record as a game dev. I’ve created the best tutorials on youtube. A lot of people watched them. And my channel passed 100k subscribers.”

“Wow. You’re a YT game dev,” shouts Brackeys. “What is your channel—“

“That’s not important.” says the man quickly. “The point is, I’ve got a reputation for being a good game dev. But… I can’t become the world’s best game dev yet.”

“Why not?”

The man leans forward and whispers:

“Because, Brackeys, I come from the year 2022… where the title “World’s Best Game Dev” belongs to ANOTHER guy.”

At this, Brackeys pauses…

… and then bursts out laughing.

“BAHAHAHA!” he says, wiping tears from his eyes. “Oh man, that’s a good one. You, Mister ‘Lazy Game Developer’ …come from the future?!?!”

“That’s right, Brackeys.”

“Too good!” guffaws Brackeys, slapping his knee. “Oh, wait! And let me guess… you’ve come back in time… to kill this other guy or something, before he becomes the World’s Best Game Dev?”

“Very good!” says the stranger, clapping his hands. “They always said you were a sharp one, even as a young game dev!”

Brackeys stops laughing.

He swallows.

“You… know me?”

“I know you very well, Brackeys.”

“But how?”

“I’ve watched your tutorials, Brackeys.”

“My… tutorials?!? But — I didn’t upload any still!”

“Yes… in the year 2012, you didn’t.”

Brackeys eyes go wide.

“Wait… no… you… you don’t possibly mean that in 2022… the World’s Best Game Dev is…”

Yet even as he’s speaking, the stranger stands up…

Grins wickedly…

And says:

You … Brackeys.”

The horror of the situation dawns on Brackeys.

“WAIT! NOOOOOO!” he screams.

He scrambles to his feet and turns to flee…

But behind him, the Lazy Game Dev withdraws a time-travel remote from his pocket.

And still with an evil grin on his face…

He turns the dial to ‘+10 YEARS’

And points it at the fleeing (future) best game dev in the world.

“See you in ‘22,” he says.

And then —


A bright ray of light bursts out of the remote… and hits Brackeys in the back.

In an instant… he’s gone.

And seeing his rival vanquished…

The Lazy Game Dev raises his arms to the sky… and begins cackling like a madman.


And with a flash… he twists the dial on his time-travel remote and zaps off somewhere else.

10 years later….



Brackeys – falls in the middle of his chair in front of his computer.

The screen of Youtube’s front page shines. Brackeys looks and gasps.

The grinning face of Lazy Game Dev stares at him from each video displayed…

Along with an ad to the side in giant letters:


He quickly googles Lazy Game Dev and reads:

How Fahir, the Lazy Game Dev, is now the World’s Best Game Dev in this parallel universe…

He is launching his Lazy Game Dev which will help all game devs become professionals and get jobs in big game studios…

And now, you can get Lazy Game Dev on sale for 20% off for just a few more hours, if you use the coupon code LAZY.

Now that Brackeys is a beginner game dev, wanting to become pro…

That… actually sounds like a really smart thing to do.

So off goes Brackeys to this link:

Lazy Game Dev – No Game Left Behind

And uses the coupon code LAZY … to claim a 20% discount on Lazy Game Dev that could help him build an AAA quality game… before the 9 hours are up…

And — who knows?

Maybe Lazy Game Dev could help you do the same.


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