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If you get stuck while following the lectures, simply post a question and I will answer it in a written form explaining how to solve your problem.

I answer questions in 24 hours MAX during workdays. On the weekend, it might take longer. But no questions are left unanswered


This is 1-hour live call per month. If you didn’t use the 1 hour from the previous month, you can’t transfer it to the current month.

My rate for private consultation calls starts at $300+, but you’ll get them for $0 on the yearly plan.

If I can’t solve the issues you’re facing inside Game Dev Pro based on the feedback you provide, then I’ll request that you send me your project, and I’ll personally debug it.

I’ll explain the whole process while I’m debugging your project. I’ll show you how to trace bugs, how to isolate them, and how to solve them. And I’ll record the whole process and give you the video to use as you wish.

My debugging services start at $200+, but you’ll get them for $0 on the yearly plan.

Please note, this refers to the projects that are part of Game Dev Pro, not to the personal projects you’re working on.

This is a section solely dedicated to helping you skyrocket your game development career.

Inside, you’ll find tips and tricks on how to create stunning portfolios, how to get a job in the best game studios, and even how to make money with game development while you’re still learning.

This section is available as a bonus only on the yearly plan.

Students on the yearly plan will be first in the queue to get an answer ASAP.

$220 $180 per year

30-Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee

If for whatever reason, or no reason at all, you’re not satisfied with what’s inside the Game Dev Pro. Or you’re not making progress with your game dev skills. You’re fully backed by my no questions asked money-back guarantee.

I don’t play any dirty tricks where you need to present me crazy proof why you didn’t like Game Dev Pro.

You simply send me a message at [email protected] that you want your money back. And I’ll return it right away without any questions.

In fact, one of the first things you see inside the Game Dev Pro is how to cancel your membership and request a refund. This is something no one else shows you 😉