Part 2: The Blueprint For Creating Your Games From Scratch

Part 1: The DJ Method

Part 2: The Blueprint

Part 3: Get Downloads

The three topics that I will cover in this training series are the ones that most beginner, even intermediate game developers have struggle with.


A lot of developers don’t know how to come up with game ideas, and beginner developers don’t know how to create the ideas they have, and lastly getting downloads for your game is also one of the main issues. 

I will also throw an extra tip which is how can you get a job in the game development industry. I share with you my tips and tricks that have helped my students work freelance, get jobs in game studios, and even create games that got millions of downloads.

If you want to get the most out of these training videos then watch every video in order, and watch the entire video before moving to the next one.
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