If you get stuck while trying to implement a certain asset in your project, simply post a question and I will answer it in a written form explaining how to make your project work with the asset you want to use


When you need help while trying to implement an asset in your project, I’ll record detailed videos showing you how to put everything in place.

And if that doesn’t help you solve the problem, we’ll do a live call and I’ll resolve any problem you have with your project

Game Dev Pro is my learning program where I teach game dev with Unity and Unreal engine.

It’s a separate product sold on a monthly or yearly subscription.

But if you purchase Lazy Game Dev Ultra tier, you’ll get lifetime access to Game Dev Pro for $0.

If you want to check out Game Dev Pro and see everything you’ll get inside, click here.

I’ll review source codes and explain what every class is doing, the logic behind it and how the project is created. 

I will record this whole process and provide you the video for learning purposes.

This will boost your coding skills 100x

Whenever you’re working on a project for any purpose and you get stuck, you can ask me for help.

We’ll hop on a live call and I’ll help you fix all the bugs and issues you have in your game

I’ll review your portfolio as many time as it takes until you get a job in a game studio.