5 stunning source codes...

If pricing was the problem why you didn't take the Lite offer, you can get these 5 source codes for only $47

Money-Back Guarantee

Because you can download everything right away after you join, all purchases made are final, and you can’t request a refund.

This is really important because I don’t want any misunderstanding between us. 

That is why, even though you can read it clearly above, I’ll repeat it: all purchases made are final, and you can’t request a refund.

Besides, Lazy Game Dev is your resource that will replace the fake Unity and StackOverflow forum where you’re left stranded on a deserted island with no help…

And in case you’re wondering

What happens if an asset doesn’t work as described?

No problem.

Inside Lazy Game Dev you can send me a message and I’ll fix it. Or in the worst case, replace it with a different asset with the same features.

Either way, you’ll have the functionality that the asset promised. And you’ll be able to implement it in your project.

We good now?


Below you’ll you can access the Lazy Game Dev Lite.




When does Lazy Game Dev start and finish?

First, Lazy Game Dev is not a course. It’s an asset bundle. Which means it doesn’t have a beginning or ending. When you enroll, you can start using all the assets available inside and the new ones I’ll add each month.

How long do I have access to Lazy Game Dev?

After enrolling, you’ll have lifetime access to all assets inside Lazy Game Dev depending on your tier e.g. Lite, Pro, or Ultra. You’ll also get new assets that I’ll add in the future without paying anything extra.

Can I upgrade from a lower to a higher tier?

Yes, you can, and you’ll only pay the difference in price between the tiers. For example, if you spend $250 to enroll in the Lite tier, and later you want to upgrade to the Pro tier, which costs $500, you will only pay the difference, which in this case is $250.

I’m a complete beginner, will I benefit from Lazy Game Dev?

It doesn’t matter if you’re a complete beginner, advanced, or pro. The only important thing is your ability to use the assets in your project.

If you don’t know the basics of coding and how to look at a source code and understand it, then no, Lazy Game Dev is not for you. 

Instead, I would recommend you join Game Dev Pro because you’ll first need to learn how to code and have at least a basic understanding of coding and making simple games. After that, get the Lazy Game Dev.

Why should I buy Lazy Game Dev instead of the assets on [Insert Marketplace Name]?

Lazy Game Dev is a one-time purchase where you’ll get different assets and source codes.

You’ll have lifetime access to all those assets and source codes and all future ones that I’ll add without paying anything extra.

In any other marketplace, every asset is a separate purchase. So for the number of current assets available inside Lazy Game Dev, you’ll pay an arm and a leg.

If I don't know how to implement an asset in my project, will you help me?

Anyone who enrolls on the Pro or the Ultra tier will get help from me.

For the Pro tier, the help will come in written form. You ask me a question, and I’ll write an answer.

For the Ultra tier, I’ll create video guides for anything you need. And if I can’t help you that way, we’ll hop on a live call, and I’ll resolve any problem you have with your project.

Can I use the assets in commercial projects?

Yes, you can use the assets to create games that you plan to publish and make money. Or games you’re working for a client or a game studio.

The only thing you can’t do is use the source code projects as is. You can’t download them, export them for a target platform, and publish them.

You also can’t reskin them e.g. just swap the assets and publish the game.

You can, however, use parts of the source code in your projects. For example, if you like an enemy AI system from some source code, you can extract it and use it in your project.

With that being said…

Don't you think It’s time for you to publish your first AAA game?