Discover how this college dropout is getting job offers from top game studios without even applying to their job applications... and how you can do the same

Dear friend,

If your dream is to become a pro game developer or work in a big game studio, or both, then this is the most important message you’ll ever read.

My name is Fahir, and I’m a normal guy just like you. But in my 8 year-long journey as a game developer, I’ve discovered a secret method that’s making game studios offer me jobs like these:

Offer 5
Offer 1
Offer 2
Offer 3
Offer 4

And the best part is that I didn’t even apply for any of these jobs. But it wasn’t always like this… 

It all started when I was a little kid who played games all day long. I would even skip school and use the lunch money my mom gave me to buy coins for arcade games I loved to play.

This created a huge passion for game dev inside me. And since that moment, it has been my life dream to become a game developer and work in a big game studio…

I wanted to leave my mark on this world and create amazing games that would make people happy when they play them. Same as how I was filled with joy when I played my favorite games.

To achieve that, I had to learn how to make games. But at the very beginning, I ran into a problem…

I had no idea where to start learning game development

So I followed the bogus advice you get in every game dev group – start with YouTube or online courses.

At that time, I thought the guide I got from people in game dev groups was gonna help me but… they only sent me down an endless rabbit hole…

After spending months going through crappy videos, I realized that I was only creating basic games by copy-pasting what the instructor did.

It made me feel like I was dragging myself along with little motivation and not really accomplishing anything.

I had no idea what the code I typed was doing.

All because…

The tutorials were only explaining the “how” and not the “why” of the code that’s being written

Not to mention every time I left a comment asking for help, all I heard was… crickets.

Getting help while learning is the most important part that will speed up the process. And if you can get live help from the instructor you will master game dev 100x faster.

But the teachers on YouTube and the courses I PAID for didn’t care…

What’s funny now is when I look back at those tutorials, I’m glad I didn’t get their phony “help.” Because the instructors were teaching bad coding practices that’ll never get you hired in any game dev studio.

Because of that, I’m very grateful they didn’t bother answering questions, as it would end in a disaster… for me.

Next, I was deceived by the advice of my friends and family, and I tried the “best” paid option that “guarantees” I’ll get hired after I finish so…

I joined a college

This is what everyone in society does, so you must do the same. Plus, it makes your mom and pops proud. God forbid if they gave a rat’s ass how I felt about it.

But look at it from the bright side. After all, you’ll have a college degree when you finish, which “opens” many doors – I was told.

I can’t believe at which levels we have been fooled and manipulated into believing this.

Despite many proven studies such as the National Association of College and Employers which found out that only 50% of college graduates get a job after graduation.

Keep in mind it’s not right away after you graduate. First, you go into debt and spend years finishing college. Then it can take you months and, more often, years to get hired… if you’re among the lucky ones who get a job at all…

This is because

In college, you don’t learn practical knowledge

All thanks to snake oil college professors who “teach” game dev, yet they never created a real game in their life.

The main thing when a company is deciding whether they’ll hire you is are you able to do the job or not. And you’ll not be able to do the job with the useless theory you’ll learn in college.

This is what happens when institutions need to follow the government “rules” whose sole purpose is to make you a slave and not help you succeed.

The fact that the curriculum for the first semester, which lasts 3 months, only teaches variables is more than enough proof. Because you can learn variables in 20 minutes on my YouTube channel.

This helped me realize that college is only going to slow me down.

So I dropped out and desperately looked for the next best option that’ll finally help me learn game dev and make my dream come true.

I was told that there is no better and faster way to become a skilled game developer than to

Join a Bootcamp

What was supposed to be my last glimpse of hope of becoming a game dev turned out to be my worst nightmare.

First, they ripped me off because I spent an arm and a leg just for one year. Only to discover there’s no difference between a college and a Bootcamp.

Their main sleazy pitch is you’ll get a certificate when you finish, and you can “use” it to apply to any job you want.

Let me tell you right away. No game studio will ever hire you based on a piece of paper stating you finished some random Bootcamp if you don’t have the skills to back it up.

And good luck getting any skills in a Bootcamp. Because the teachers don’t explain the subject well, and they don’t care if you understand the topic or not. 

Once, I submitted an assignment for evaluation only to receive an answer that I used copy/pasted code from Google to solve the problem. The instructor didn’t bother to check with me to see if that was actually the truth, nor did he bother explaining what I did wrong.

Instead, he just pushed me and my dreams off the cliff without caring what would happen to me…

All of this made me realize that

I’ll have to learn game development on my own

So I was back at square 1. I continued going through random videos, posts, books, whatever I could find. Hoping it will bring me closer to understanding somehow how to create a game.

I even went to the extremes and manually re-wrote a 2000 page programming book in my notepad praying this would make the code stick in my head.

After doing this for some time, I felt that I had made progress. So I applied for a job to test my skills and see where I’m at. 

When I received the results back from the company and saw that I was one of the worst candidates…

I was so disappointed I wanted to quit

The only thing that kept me going was my stubbornness which made me push forward. Because I wanted to prove to myself, my friends, and family who didn’t believe in me that I could do it.

And thanks to that, I finally managed to master game dev. But I didn’t stop there. I also made it my career, and I’ve been doing it for the past 8 years.

You’re probably wondering how I overcame all these obstacles and became a successful game developer. Well, after failing for so long, something in me snapped.

I thought about all the different ways I’ve tried to learn game dev and analyzed the good parts of each. Then I put all the good points of every method and used them to make my own. Except I added a certain something…

What I’ve added was the missing ingredient that anyone who wants to master game dev is looking for…

And that’s precisely what I reveal inside my

Game Dev Pro Logo

After going through all the struggles, I realized other people like me will have the same difficulties. That’s why I created a unique program that’ll not only help you master game dev but…

It will help you get a job in the best game studios in the world in as little as 3 months!

Ready to get started?


Oh, yeah… You wanna see what’s inside the Game Dev Pro, right?

Well, here are some of the skills you’ll master:

  • How to get job offers from AAA studios with the “Game Dev Celebrity” system. Works even if you have only 3 months of experience and failed to get a job before. More info in section 2 inside Game Dev Pro yearly plan

  • Hideo Kojima’s little-known method for generating endless game ideas. This is how he came up with Metal Gear Solid series and Death Stranding. Best part – it’s super easy and fun to do

  • The secret to overcoming procrastination and finishing every project you start. And no, it doesn’t require working like a horse. Once you know this cheat, the less you work on your game, the faster you will finish it. Find out what it is inside Game Dev Pro

  • Debug your games 100x faster with a sneaky little trick you can use every time

  • Master core gameplay mechanics and design fundamentals for any 2D or 3D game. The more basic your game is, the better, more engaging, and fun its gameplay will be

  • How to make even your mobile games run on 120+ FPS. Little-known performance tricks used in big game studios. You won’t find this in any tutorial online

  • Be comfortable working on a project of any size. Even an RPG, FPS, MOBA, or Multiplayer game

  • Secret ways to earn money with game development even while you are still learning. No, it doesn’t involve freelancing or getting a job

  • Create killer portfolios that will land you a job interview almost every time. In fact, with these methods, the FEWER projects you have in your resume, the MORE interviews you will get. See section 2 inside Game Dev Pro yearly plan

  • How to increase your chances of getting a job by 100x. Weird trick 99% of game devs have no idea about. You will outclass even more experienced and skilled game developers

  • The simple technique for creating games people want to buy even if it has bad graphics

  • Master clean code and programming design patterns with C# and C++. This will make you a better coder than Steam CEO Gabe Newell

  • How to use Google to create any type of game you want from scratch. Yes, Google is an essential game development tool. And knowing how to use it is the most important skill every game developer NEEDS to have

  • Discover how to create stunning games even if you suck at game art. And despite the fact you never drawn a stickman in your life

  • Create AAA advanced game systems like Dark Souls Boss fights. This will make your game stand out at the top of all indie games on Steam. And it can win you a job with almost any top game studio. Find out more in section 5 in the Game Dev Pro

How are you going to do that you’re wondering?

With the two best game engines on the planet Unity and Unreal:

Unity and Unreal Logo

Lectures for both engines are separated, and you choose if you want to master Unity or Unreal, or both. It is a self-paced program, so you can learn at your schedule.

When you enroll, the first thing you’ll see is a guide that, based on your game dev level (beginner, intermediate, or advanced), will tell you where to start and what to learn.

The best part of Game Dev Pro is that you’ll master game dev the practical way by creating real-world games you can play on your devices.

Here’s What’s Inside Game Dev Pro

  • Beginner, intermediate, & advanced C# and C++ coding

  • Visual coding (using node graphs to create a game without writing code)

  • Write clean and readable code (no game studio will ever hire you if you don’t know this)

  • Master game programming design patterns (critical for getting hired in a game studio)

  • Create 2D & 3D games of different genre’s and advanced gameplay systems which include:

  • Infinite runner

  • RPG

  • Survival

  • Beat em up

  • Shooters

  • Platformers

  • Adventure

  • MOBA with boss fights

  • Hyper casual mobile games

  • Enemy AI systems (basic, intermediate, advanced)

  • Boss fight systems (basic, intermediate, advanced)

  • Special in-game effects

  • Manageable gameplay systems

  • Weapon, character, and level select systems

  • Level progress systems

  • And much more, with much more meaning a lot because I don’t have enough space to put everything here

Here’s a screenshot of some of the lectures for Unity and Unreal Engine:

Lecture Screenshot 1
Lecture Screenshot 2
Lecture Screenshot 3

Note: These are some of the lectures for certain sections inside the Game Dev Pro. There are many sections and different types of games we’ll create. And I don’t have enough place on this page to list them all

Here’s a sneak preview of some of the games you’ll create inside the Game Dev Pro:

AND the most important part is you’ll not be bored and exhausted while you’re following the lectures because

I teach game development in a fun and entertaining way that keeps you engaged

I mean, according to all these people 🤭🤭🤭:

Written Testimonial 4
Written Testimonial 1
Written Testimonial 2
Written Testimonial 3
Written Testimonial 6
Written Testimonial 8
Written Testimonial 9

The funny thing is, some of these reviews are from my YouTube channel, where I post my decent content.

The best tutorials I have are exclusively available inside the Game Dev Pro.

So, are you ready to get your greedy little hands on those videos?


Still not convinced eh?


What if I tell you that besides everything already mentioned, you’ll also master these skills:

  • What you NEED to know about writing clean code. Most tutorials are teaching this wrong. Yet the majority of devs are following it blindly. Game studios never hire people who don’t know this. Find out what it is inside Game Dev Pro

  • An easy method that will help you master game programming by talking to the computer. Yes, by talking to the computer. Just don’t say any bad words. More info inside Game Dev Pro

  • The #1 skill you need to succeed as a game developer. No, it’s not coding. In fact, it has nothing to do with game development at all

  • How to position yourself as the #1 candidate for the job. Even if you’re competing against veteran game developers. And even if you only have 3 months of experience. Section 2 inside Game Dev Pro yearly plan explains how

  • Which engine version never to use if you plan to publish your game. Never. Your game will be doomed to fail from the very start. More info inside Game Dev Pro yearly plan

  • The most important skill you need if you plan to open your indie game studio. It has nothing to do with game development, but you will never succeed if you don’t know this. Find out more inside Game Dev Pro yearly plan

  • Most game companies require that you have a minimum of 2 years of professional experience. But did you know you can get hired with as little as 3 months of experience? Even if the only games you created are your own. Section 2 in the Game Dev Pro yearly plan explains why

  • Are you making these deadly mistakes in your code? If so, you need to fix it immediately. Or you might never get hired in a game studio. More info in sections 3 and 4 inside Game Dev Pro

  • What NOT to do when you start a new game project. Never. Deadly mistakes most game developers make that will mark your game for failure before you even begin creating it

  • How to create stunning games on your own even if you suck at drawing and have no 3d modeling skills. No, you don’t have to hire a freelance artist or buy assets from the asset store. In fact, this method is completely free. More info inside Game Dev Pro yearly plan

  • 2D or 3D? Which type of game is better for your portfolio and why. One will increase your chances of getting hired, while the other will DRASTICALLY reduce them

  • The most important thing you need to know about a game studio before applying for a job. This is overlooked by most game developers but it’s essential when it comes to getting hired or not. More info inside Game Dev Pro yearly plan

  • Make your project bug-proof. A little-known technique that will help you make sure you’ll get as few bugs as possible in your game project before you even start creating it. And the ones that you find will be easy to solve. Sections 3 and 4 inside Game Dev Pro explain how

  • How to make money from your game without publishing it. Works even with flappy bird clones. More info inside Game Dev Pro yearly plan

  • Which games you should never put in your portfolio when applying for a game dev job. Never. Almost every game dev who had one of these types of games in his CV never got a job in a game studio. Find out which inside Game Dev Pro yearly plan

  • Portfolio mistakes most game developers make that are murdering their chance of getting hired. And how to make sure this never happens to you. More info in section 2 inside Game Dev Pro yearly plan

  • If you’re using strings in your code, here’s why every game you create could crash at any moment. More info inside Game Dev Pro

  • 5 ways that will slash the debugging time at least by half no matter how complex the code is. One of them has nothing to do with programming. Find out about the other 4 inside Game Dev Pro

As you can see, Game Dev Pro is not only designed to help you master game dev in the fastest, easiest, and most effective way. But you’ll also get in on the sneaky little secrets I’ve invented that’ll help you get almost any job you apply for.

Just one piece of advice I gave to my student Gert Maree has helped him get a job interview on his 1st try:

Written Testimonial 7

And he’s not alone…

Here are my students who work in the best game studios like Rockstar Games, Azur games, Utomik, and others. Some of them even switched careers from unrelated fields like accounting to game dev:

15 - Got a job in Rockstar games
6 - Telling he learned from me in the first job interview

Other people ask you to believe their course or program works. I SHOW you that Game Dev Pro is working

So, are you ready to become the next success story?


Oh, you’re wondering…

What if you need help? Or simply, you have something you want to ask

Well, how about this. You’ll get my personal support for any questions you have. My response time is 24 hours MAX during workdays. Often I respond in mere hours.

It can be more than 24 hours during weekends because, you know, I need some rest. But the most important thing is that I don’t leave any questions unanswered!

I hope this clears all the doubts you had about Game Dev Pro, and now you’re ready to join:

No? 😱😱😱

All of these amazing things you’ll get inside are not enough to convince you?

You’re kiddin, right? 😅

What else could I give you that’ll make you say this is a no brainer offer…

Oh, yeah… 

What IF this doesn’t work for you, right?

No worries. You’re fully backed by my

30-Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee

If for whatever reason, or no reason at all, you’re not satisfied with what’s inside the Game Dev Pro. Or you’re not making progress with your game dev skills. You’re fully backed by my no questions asked money-back guarantee.

I don’t play any dirty tricks where you need to present me crazy proof why you didn’t like Game Dev Pro.

You simply send me a message at [email protected] that you want your money back. And I’ll return it right away without any questions.

In fact, one of the first things you see inside the Game Dev Pro is how to cancel your membership and request a refund. This is something no one else shows you 😉

Ready to join now?

Don’t tell me…

You have one more question…

How much does Game Dev Pro cost?

For the value that you’re getting it’s basically free, but you have two options to join:


If you get stuck while following the lectures, simply post a question and I will answer it in a written form explaining how to solve your problem.

I answer questions in 24 hours MAX during workdays. On the weekend, it might take longer. But no questions are left unanswered

$20 per month

$20 per month


If you get stuck while following the lectures, simply post a question and I will answer it in a written form explaining how to solve your problem.

I answer questions in 24 hours MAX during workdays. On the weekend, it might take longer. But no questions are left unanswered


This is 1-hour live call per month. If you didn’t use the 1 hour from the previous month, you can’t transfer it to the current month.

My rate for private consultation calls starts at $300+, but you’ll get them for $0 on the yearly plan.

If I can’t solve the issues you’re facing inside Game Dev Pro based on the feedback you provide, then I’ll request that you send me your project, and I’ll personally debug it.

I’ll explain the whole process while I’m debugging your project. I’ll show you how to trace bugs, how to isolate them, and how to solve them. And I’ll record the whole process and give you the video to use as you wish.

My debugging services start at $200+, but you’ll get them for $0 on the yearly plan.

Please note, this refers to the projects that are part of Game Dev Pro, not to the personal projects you’re working on.

This is a section solely dedicated to helping you skyrocket your game development career.

Inside, you’ll find tips and tricks on how to create stunning portfolios, how to get a job in the best game studios, and even how to make money with game development while you’re still learning.

This section is available as a bonus only on the yearly plan.

Students on the yearly plan will be first in the queue to get an answer ASAP.

$220 per year

I highly recommend you join the yearly plan because of the following reasons:

You’ll get priority support, which means you’ll be the first one in the queue to get an answer to any questions you have.

If I can’t help you solve the problem based on the feedback you give me, I will request that you send me your project, and I will personally debug it.

My debugging services start at $200+, but you’ll get them for $0 on the yearly plan whenever there’s some more significant code issue we can’t solve otherwise.

The MOBA source code you’ll get as a bonus (worth $1000 but for you it’s $0) is an advanced game with a complex gameplay system. By inspecting the source code, you’ll learn many things that you can implement in your games.

Not to mention that you’ll become a master at reading other people’s code, editing it, and making changes without breaking things. This is one of the essential skills you need if you plan to work in a game studio.

And on top of all this, you get 1-hour live call every month with me where you can ask me questions about anything you want.

This is even more valuable than all other bonuses you’ll get.

My hourly rates for private live calls cost $300+, but you’ll get them for $0 on the yearly plan.

Which means you’re getting a shortcut to becoming a pro game dev for $0.

Because the shortest and easiest way to master game dev is to have a mentor who can answer all your questions. And what my student Samuel said proves that:

Written Testimonial 5

And if you’re still on the fence about joining, here are more skills you’ll master inside the Game Dev Pro. This, and everything I’ve mentioned so far, is not covered in any other online or offline course:

  • Using design patterns and best programming practices could hurt your game development career. Find out why and how to make sure it never happens to you inside Game Dev Pro yearly plan

  • Which code NEVER to put inside the Update methods. No, it doesn’t involve objects. This is the most common mistake majority of developers make that’s slowing down their game. And crushing their chance of getting hired by a game studio. More info inside Game Dev Pro yearly plan

  • How to use bad games to get hired in big game studios. Even a copy of flappy bird can do the job. Section 2 inside Game Dev Pro yearly plan explains how

  • 3 skills job interviewers prize the most. A lot of game developers fail at this badly. Here’s how to make sure you succeed. More info inside Game Dev Pro yearly plan

  • Why creating stunning RPG, MOBA, or even multiplayer games for your portfolio will never get you hired in a game studio. And how simple basic games will. More info inside Game Dev Pro yearly plan

  • Should you create the games on your portfolio with Unity or Unreal? Find out which engine will increase your chances of getting hired inside the Game Dev Pro yearly plan

  • All game resources should be initialized before the game starts, especially for mobile games, right? Wrong! A common mistake even experienced game devs make that’s hurting their game’s performance. Find out which inside Game Dev Pro

  • How to save time when creating your game. No, it doesn’t require using assets from the asset store. Sneaky little trick the pros use to supercharge their productivity. And build stunning games 10x faster than the average developer. More info inside Game Dev Pro yearly plan

  • Programming design patterns are the most essential part to make sure your game will not break during development. But did you know that not all design patterns are useful in game dev? In fact, some of the design patterns will break your game and can get you fired from a game studio. Found out which ones to avoid inside Game Dev Pro yearly plan

  • What the pro game devs are hiding from you. A simple method for mastering advanced techniques for creating games. So effective, it will double your skills 10x faster. Works even if you’ve never created a game on your own. More info inside Game Dev Pro yearly plan

  • The absolute best and worst ways to approach a game studio. Making a mistake here will make your job application land in the trash can. Find out how to prevent it inside Game Dev Pro yearly plan

  • The secrets to creating games so engaging it will make the people who play them forget about their wife or girlfriend (or mistress). Works even if you build your games with free assets. And, even if they are the worst looking 2D and 3D assets you find. More info inside Game Dev Pro yearly plan

  • How to ethically and legally steal game ideas. A sneaky method you can use to never run out of game ideas. The developer I learned this from is making a full-time living creating games using this trick. Find out more inside Game Dev Pro yearly plan

  • What never to do on a game dev job interview. The most common mistake majority of devs make that gets them rejected from game studios. And how you can avoid it

  • Using high-quality assets is the only way to create breathtaking games, right? Wrong! Here’s a simple way to use free assets (even bad-looking ones) to create hit games. One developer already created a smash hit game on Steam using this method. Find out which inside Game Dev Pro yearly plan

  • A simple strategy to make yourself 3 times more likely to get hired by a game studio

  • Are you only following tutorials and never tried to make your own game? Inside the Game Dev Pro, you’ll discover how to overcome that fear and create stunning games people will enjoy playing. Works even if you’re a complete beginner

  • How to create amazing games without coding. No, it doesn’t involve using blueprints or visual coding. And it doesn’t involve using assets from the assets store. In fact, this method is easy, free, and doesn’t require much work. More info inside Game Dev Pro yearly plan

  • Simple tactics you can use to earn income from a failed game. Works even if your game didn’t get a single download on any market. Section 2 inside Game Dev Pro yearly plan explains how

Ready to master all these skills?


When does Game Dev Pro start and finish?

Game Dev Pro starts now and never ends. It is completely self-paced. You decide when you start and when you finish.

How long do I have access to Game Dev Pro?

After enrolling, you’ll have unlimited access to all content inside Game Dev Pro as long as you stay subscribed.

I live in a country where there are no game studios. Will I be able to get a job?

Yes. The secret methods I show you will help you get a job and work remotely, or the company will relocate you.

I’ve tried many tutorials and courses, and I couldn’t learn game development. Will your method work for me?

I’ve struggled more than a year to learn the basics of game development.

Further more, I sucked at all school subjects. Especially math and physics. Out of 12 subjects, I had 8 F’s all the time.

If I managed to master game development, so can you.

Plus, all the people in the testimonials section above are ordinary people like you and me.

If they managed to crush it with game dev, so can you.

I’ve applied for jobs [INSERT CRAZY NUMBER] times and got rejected every time. What’s so special about your method that’ll help me get hired?

The tactics I talk about in a section dedicated solely to helping you get hired are unheard of. Because I’m the one who invented them. I literally get job offers from game development companies on a monthly basis.

My students went from complete beginners to working in the best game studios like Rockstar Games, Azur Games, Utomic, and others. A lot of them switched careers from fields unrelated to game development, like accounting. That’s more than enough to prove that my method works like a charm.

Plus, I’ve been doing this for the past 8 years and I’ve helped thousands of people master game dev and get a job in a game studio.

Why should I follow your approach instead of ?

Well, if you’re still not sold on my way of doing things, maybe you shouldn’t.

I mean, there aren’t many game developers with a track record of helping people as good as mine. Just take a look at the testimonials.

And I’m not saying this to brag; I honestly believe my record (which you saw above) speaks for itself 🤷‍♂️

But still, if you don’t believe me…

Or if you’re somehow not convinced of the value of the information inside the Game Dev Pro

That’s totally fine by me!

Continue doing what you did until now, and we’ll see where that gets you… given the fact, it brought you nowhere so far. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this page at all. Especially not all the way to the bottom 😉

And besides, whether YOU enroll in the Game Dev Pro or not… many of your competitors are.

Even as you sit here ummming and ahhing… they’re discovering how easy and effective it is to learn game dev and get hired in big game companies.

If you’d like to join them…

Here’s where to click: